FOOTBALL DIRECTOR – Chris Adolph  0407 636 036

FOOTBALL MANAGER – Stephen Clare  0404 210 518


Here at the Scoresby Magpies Juniors Football club our main focus is to create a safe, friendly and exciting place for young people to be involved with. We feel that over the years a few of the respectful values we grew up with have been lost, and it is our intension to bring them back in a way that is acceptable to all our members and the broader community.

By investing in both time and resources, we feel that children with a zest for life will thrive in our environment. We are constantly updating our policies and activities, but in doing so are very mindful of what really matters to families with young and enthusiastic children.

All our volunteers whether they be coaches, runners, trainers, committee members or just general helpers are constantly striving to do better. Here in the football department, our coaches and support staff are fully accredited within their field and have Working with Children authorities. They are constantly being fed updated information relevant to them, and all have the opportunities to take up various courses and seminars so as to be across the latest information and direction from our governing bodies (EFL and AFL Victoria).

Within the Football Department we are fully aware that children develop and grow at different rates and we accommodate this in all age groups. We do this by being aware that at each stage of a child’s football learning and growth, all children should be given the same opportunities with no emphases on ability or physical attributes. In saying that we are well aware that as the children progress to the higher age groups, team play and accountability play a big part in the formation of strong values and cohesion within a team.



– Once the new season commences, fixtures will be published by the Eastern Football League and updated in this location for easy reference


"Doing it for the Kids" is our motto, we are about making sure our kids are our priority. Affiliated with Scoresby FC in the Eastern Football League – We are a "Family Friendly Club"