Club Song


If you’re from Scoresby

Then come & join us

There’s a welcome mat for you

We are the Magpies

Premiers we will be

This year next year til eternity

If you come from the local

Township or anywhere will do

Come along & make a noise

Make yourself one of the boys

We’re Scoresby forever

Through & through


We’re the team others fear

So come on give us a cheer

We are the Magpies from Scoresby

With our teamwork and courage

We will never give in

We can take any hard bumps

Bounce back with a grin.

All for one, one for all

We will always play the ball

We are the Magpies from Scoresby

(Sung to the tune of “On the road to Gundagai”)

"Doing it for the Kids" is our motto, we are about making sure our kids are our priority. Affiliated with Scoresby FC in the Eastern Football League – We are a "Family Friendly Club"