President – Kate Potter

Vice President – Aaron Craig

Secretary – Amie Chambers  0411 670 154

Treasurer – Troy Milley

Football Director – Chris Adolph

President – Kate Potter

Vice President – Jonathan McCartney

Secretary – Amie Chambers  0432 485 492

Treasurer – Darren Humphries

Football Director – Phil Jamonts

President – Chris Jackson

Secretary – Leanne Webb

Football Director – Greg Paroissien

2015 was a transition year with the combination of Committee members from Scoresby Junior Football Club and Rowville Hawks Junior Football Club.

The rules of the club demand that five people are elected as the Management Committee of the club.  Ordinary Committee Members are then appointed to specified roles or as general committee members.  The elected members of the club are as follows;

President – Michael Anderson
Vice President – Peter McDonald
Secretary – Amie Chambers
Treasurer – Leanne Webb
Football Director – Phil Jamonts

Appointed roles
Finance Manager – Darren Humphries
Football Manager – Greg Paroissien
Registrar – Karen Butler
Uniforms – Cathy Jackson
Canteen – Kathy Humphries
Social – Mandy Thomson
Merchandise – Jenny Pirotta

General Committee
Rob Mason,  Chris Jackson,  Serge Pirotta, Jenny Pirotta, Jenny Waryszczuk, Tina Murphy, Shannon Thompson

The Committee are responsible for the Administration of the club.  All committee members are volunteers and act in good faith for the club.  A committee member is successful when they have left the club in a better position than when they joined.

"Doing it for the Kids" is our motto, we are about making sure our kids are our priority. Affiliated with Scoresby FC in the Eastern Football League – We are a "Family Friendly Club"